Omid Kamvari to Lecture at Asia House

Screen Shot 2015-09-14 at 12.09.28     “One cannot make architecture without studying the condition of life in the city” Aldo Rossi In recent times it seems that we have become victims of cities rather than wilful participants in their growth and design. Architecture has a responsibility to record social and cultural changes, and can be described as the manifestation of our cultural ambitions. In a globalised, flat world where information boundaries and borders are disappearing, this has resulted in the disappearance of the vernacular and identity from our urban centres. Humans are social creatures and enjoy interaction; the city balances the environment, society and economy to create conditions for such interactions to take place. The success of this has resulted in an influx of people towards urban centres. With predictions stating that by 2050, 75 per cent of the world’s population will live in urban centres, we need to critically look at the way in which we imagine and plan the cities of the future and look at rebalancing the scales. This talk will discuss the role of architecture in the 21st century city, and how moving from the current exclusive model of city planning to an inclusive one will bring us closer to rebalancing social, environmental and economic concerns. Omid Kamvari is a British-Iranian architect, researcher and educator. His main areas of interest are architecture and urbanism, digital design and manufacturing, vernacular design and performance- orientated design. He specialised in Emergent Technologies and Design and has since continued with research within this field. He established Kamvari Architects in London in 2011 . They currently operate from their base in East London with another office in Tehran. He has been teaching across the Middle East since 2006 and currently directs the AA Tehran and Baku Visiting Schools. He previously directed the AA Muscat Visiting School and taught in Dubai. Kamvari Architects has been named Best for High-End Residential Architecture-London & Design Office of the Year 2016 in Build Magazine’s 2015 Architecture Awards. Architecture Asia Asia House presents a  new series of talks that look at the impact that architects from around the world have either through building in Asia, or being inspired by their connection to Asia and how this informs their work internationally. The aim is to foster relations, raise awareness and promote the discourse around new cityscapes and building for the 21st century, whilst reflecting on the role of architects in relation to our architectural heritage, old customs and our built environment.