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Gloucester Walk

London, United Kingdom

A Complete Redesign and refurbishment of a house in Gloucester walk, Kensington.   The design was driven by the pursuit of a new type of dwelling, one which revealed a complete new spatial strategy for the occupation of Victorian terraced housing. Preserving External Aesthetics, the interior is complexity overhauled to create a dwelling fit for 21st century living. The proposal challenged the normative approach to walls, floors and ceilings, blending they usually independent and individual building elements to  create a novel and interesting spatial experience.  Typically such houses are divided into defined floors, with no connection between levels and spaces, our approach attempts to highlight the overall volume of the building by creating connection between levels where possible.  Gutting the interior also means that we are able to pre fab elements where floors, wall and ceiling are no longer distinguishable form each other and there for blur the boundaries between levels.


London, United Kingdom