We see design as a collaborative process, involving a range of specialists and consultants, with the client at its core. Understanding our clients' needs, ambitions and aspirations allows us to respond to the brief and problem at hand, in a creative, logical and feasible manner. People sit at the centre of our design process. Understanding how architecture must adapt to the changing needs of the 21st century is crucial for us, to add value to our clients brief. We aim to create buildings that increase the quality of people lives; they must be economical, financially viable and profitable for the client and respond to site and context. Time Architecture’s main challenge has always been to respond to the current, with one eye on the future. We take this very seriously and understand that at the core of every project lies an idea, materials may age and fade but this idea will always remain. We work closely with our clients and consultants to start with a rich idea, which considers current needs but attempts to speculate about future ones and incorporate these, in order to delay the aging process. We treat every project as new with fresh eyes, we shy away from iconic gestures and a predetermined language but look to context, culture and social developments to root our designs. Specialist knowledge We understand that the key to delivering quality projects is working closely with specialist and consultants; we insure that the team is formed at the earliest possible time to ensure innovation is delivered in a buildable, cost effective and efficient manner. This also allows us to maximise the effect of good design and place making. We have close ties to many consultants and believe that communication and collective action leads to smooth project delivery. Audits and reviews We believe that a project should be fun; we would like our clients to be part of our extended team and monitor all aspects of management and delivery, to insure that they are comfortable with the outcome. We are an RIBA charted practice and, as such, adhere to all the regulations by ensuring our clients receive the best possible service.