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Crete Bioclimatic School

Crete, Greece

Sitting nearly 4 metres above the landscape connecting 2 embankments together, our proposal brings harmony and sense to the context, creating a simple linner movement across the site. looking inwards towards the heart of the school it generates a subtle exterior while introducing excitement and fun to the interior . The school gains an impression of enclosure and security yet does not lose the sense of it’s landscape setting. Our proposal Runs from east to west creating an efficient Bar that attempts to build on Crete historic nature as a gateway between east and west. In this way our proposal becomes sixty metre bridge, formally laid-out in exciting and interesting learning environments surrounded by magnificent views combined with a tapestry of different plants, grasses, ponds, mathematical puzzles and scientific objects . The building fulfils a complex brief – it looks out at the landscape, yet into the school to create and interesting internal enclosure. There is an equally interesting story to tell with regard to how it physically represents the liberal philosophical position of crete and current educational trends. Typical Learning environments Learning based on interaction and collaboration. We used an algorithm to derive louvers orientation in regards to internal use, as well as external forces. Our proposal is an innovative yet it embraces traditional materials. It every space and surface is utilized in order to create new and exciting ways of exploring a school, our school does everything the drab and uninteresting typical school doesn’t.


Crete, Greece