We don’t limit ourselves to a set tool box, we believe every project is unique and requires its own unique combination of skill sets; we start with an open mind and where possible attempt to make bespoke tools to resolve the problem. This allows our solutions to be unique to each project and client. Team We understand that the days of the master builder and star architects have long disappeared, we view design as a collaborative process and this also informs the way we are structured internally, in the way we relate to clients and consultants. We operate in a creative and somewhat chaotic environment where all members have equal voice in expressing opinions, which results in constant activity throughout. We value originality above hierarchy and believe that it is within such an environment where creativity and experience mix that you achieve innovation. Communication We believe that a combination of ideas and collaboration will result in maximised returns for our clients. Communication within the team and with consultants plays a major role in simplifying the exchange of ideas. Prosperity within the project is achieved through seamless communication and the exchange of ideas which, when applied to particular projects, results in unexpected benefits for the entire team. Tools We have an interest in craftsmanship and, where possible, use prototypes and making to resolve and understand problems. Each member of the team is skilled and uses their own unique tools to explore ideas and push forward the project. We make sure that at the point of delivery, as a collective team, our client’s expectations are met. Approach We work in a creative environment and maintain an open-mind when dealing with projects. We are always ready to question and challenge in order to find the best possible solution, however we understand the practicalities of architecture and construction and insure that we meet realistic and buildable targets for our clients. We believe that building should be doing more than simply generating space and make every effort to create character and identity in each project.