Iraq HC


This project required us to think laterally and to generate new ideas which would result in and innovative solutions to the housing crisis in Iraq.

Our objective in this project was to produce a scheme which was simple and economical but yet offered good eco and social potentials.

Our proposal revolved around the use of a simple pre fabricated concrete box used in bridge construction together with a Genetic algorithm which assessed the different orientation and combination of a 5mx5mx5m box.

The algorithm assessed the performance of the configuration in regards to floor to surface area, solar gains, social space and self-shading. This allowed us to produce a family of dwellings capable of delivering each of the criteria.

The combination of these configurations in regional and global patches combined with an understanding of traditional courtyard typologies and regional context allowed us to put forward a coherent solution, which catered for a modern Iraq.

The shifting of the central courtyard to the periphery allowed us begins to describe new typologies which attempted to create socially inclusive space.