Funism – The future is not all grey

Tehran Visiting School 2013

Unit 02 – ‘Funism – The Future is not all grey’

Tutors: Omid Kamvari & Ashkan Sadeghi

Funism is anything that can inspire joy or playfulness in the lives of others. It’s about trying to make the world a happier place. It’s an ideology. It’s a philosophy. Funism is like alcoholism, except you don’t have to have a hangover when it’s over. It’s cheaper than anti-depressants and has better side effects.

We will be deploying this tactic to create new and better spaces for the city of Tehran.
The Expansion of Sadr highway will give us the best opportunity to seek dead and dilapidated spaces and activate them to bring back into the City.
Our tools will be Humour, Irony, Joy, Memories, Playfullness, exct.

The units activity will be split into 2 weeks, the first week we will attempt to create through simple mean in situ installation which respond to conditions on site, this could be anything ranging from, sunshine, airflow, view, to the way the site is occupied by rubble or rubbish. The aim here is to make a statement about the site and its present conditions.

These installation will serve as the basis for proposal which will challenge the monofunctionality of Infrastructure, we will draw upon 100 of years of experience and some extraordinary proposal to propose changes to the current approach.
The aim as always is to stimulate conversation in regards to such projects.



Sepideh Azin
Ghaflan Abadi
Ramtin Taherian
Amirreza Azadeh
Yalda Amin-Shahidi
Abolhasan Karimi
Amir Pourmohammad
Ladan Firouzbakht Sani
Arghavan Shahrokhi
Narges Rowshanzamir
Roxana Bakhshayesh Karam
Alireza Shojakhani
Yasamin Fathi
Oveis Shahnae
Sara Rashighi
Arash nikfarjam
Aida Sarboland
Negar Mansouri Asl
Raheleh Rahimi
Behrang Khosravi


Tehran Visiting School 2013