For us sustainability is not a bolt on solution, which can be thought of at the end of the project, we see this as a more integrated approach, which runs through every aspect and stage through the design process. We are aware of the current practices and techniques used in design and sustainable technology, but we believe that buildings should be designed with their environment in mind. From the outset, and within the design process, we use advanced tools to test and understand the buildings behaviour and performance within its context, from the way it receives sunlight both on the external skin and internal floor plate to the way that the air flows around it. This strategy allows us to design buildings, which are not reliant on the excessive use of electro-mechanical devices to control interior conditions. Sustainability, although extremely important, does not overrule overall our project goals. We are not afraid to use alternative methods to achieve the best solution. We treat and investigate every project uniquely and, as such, look to develop a bespoke energy strategy which serves the building within its geographical, cultural and social context. As a practice we believe that sustainability can only be achieved when seen and investigated from the micro to macro scale, we see this as a more holistic and hedonistic approach. This notion allows us to see sustainability, not as a limitation on projects, but as an exciting opportunity to create innovative solutions to the built environment.