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Advanced Digital Design

Advanced Digital Design The development of CAD/CAM technologies in recent years has allowed architecture to extend beyond primitive geometry and to begin to understand design as an interactive and parametric process. We see design as a dynamic process, which is constantly being updated with information from the design team. The evolutionary process allows us to achieve the best possible solutions for our clients. We are actively involved in research and development within advanced digital design and manufacturing and our staff have held some prestigious positions at the world’s top architectural firms working within this field. This has allowed us to start on solid foundations and to extend our expertise to clients as part of the day-to-day design process. We see these tools and developments as aids to the design process, helping us achieve better, faster and more accurate solutions.   Research & Development A core part of our studio is research. We actively participate in academic programmes through which we are able to meet and collaborate with like minded people on some very interesting projects. These collaborations allow us to stay up to date and fresh with ideas, which inform our overall design strategy within the office. Fresh knowledge and ideas is our main focus and the delivery of innovation to clients our ultimate goal.